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The sleeper cell on Sesame Street?


They don’t have cookies in Gitmo…

props to these guys

Don’t worry, this typo only went out on 5,000,000 cameras


Someone definitely got fired over this slip-up. Or maybe it’s a knock off. Or maybe the lithium batteries really do keep you ready for a shit.

Found here.



White was the wrong color to pick…


I feel like if you were to do something like this now, you’d get locked up before prom…


These guys are awesome.

There’s even more here. Funny post.

FML (F*** my life)

FML seems like a logical partner to Worse Than Yours. Here’s a submission I wrote that they recently published:

True, my name isn’t Brian, but you get the idea.

Hands off the damn Ovaltine!!!

I wrote and directed this.