Just Kickin’ It


Ok, I have absolutely no idea what these guys are doing. I am, however, impressed by their flexibility.

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14 responses to “Just Kickin’ It

  1. inmypersonalsanctuary

    Lmao, I don’t think I have any clue either, the only game I know of with your feet and that tiny of a ball, is hacki sack, but..that’s weird for a hacki sack game. By the way, I never knew males could be that flexible. Jeez.

  2. This sport is known as footballtennis, soccer tennis, foot tennis, or soccer volley. By the way, these two guys are professionals.

  3. I believe that game is called Sepak Takraw. Looks painful. I can barely get my legs above my waist. =/

  4. This is a popular sport in Southeast Asia called Sepak Takraw or Kick Volleyball. Check out YouTube for some clips. They are quite impressive.

  5. paperdollsforboys

    It’s a Thai sport called takraw.

  6. This is a sport called sepak takraw native to Southeast Asia.
    Here I googled it for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepak_takraw
    Yes, a lot of flexibility is needed. It is a very fascinating game to watch even for non players. Players somersaulted in mid air and twist their bodies in awkward positions to kick the rattan ball.

  7. hehe.. its a sport called sepak takraw.. check it out on wiki.. its amazingly difficult..

  8. That looks crazy! The sport is Sepak takraw

  9. Hi, it’s a sports called sepak takraw. It’s very popular in South East Asia, sort of like volleyball, but you kick a small rattan ball instead.

  10. They’re playing a game called ‘takraw’. 😉

  11. The sport is called sepak takraw which is popular all over Southeast Asia.

  12. this is called “sepak Takraw”. refer to wikipedia under that name..this is famous in Southeast Asia.

  13. the game’s called ‘sepak takraw’ or ‘sepak raga’. it’s commonly played in south east asia.

  14. This is called a “sepak takraw” game. You should see it once. Acrobatically awesome game.

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